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With Fairtrade, Organic Seals and the Rainforest Alliance behind us, every single bean reflects our commitment to sustainable business.

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To say that Grumpy Mule only cares about coffee is not entirely fair. He, and we, also care about our farmers, our growers and our customers. And other mules. And carrots. And a well-placed scratch behind the ears.

But that’s about it.

Ever since we were founded in 2006

our mission has been to fight the blight of bad coffee – coffee that’s throwaway, unethically sourced and tastes like toxic waste.

So we source fairly and sustainably, making sure that our growers share in our success.  We roast with precision and care, making sure that we get the very best flavor from each and every bean that our growers work so hard to   produce.  And then we sell, delivering the highest quality coffee that will leave you kicking for more.

Because great coffees, truly great coffees, depend on every stage of the process being just right.

Meticulously sourced.
Ethically traded.
Deliciously Grumpy.

That’s what drives Grumpy Mule.

Organic Colombia

  • Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified
  • Colombia single origin coffee from farmer co-operatives in the Sierra Nevada
  • Caramel, citrus, and milk chocolate notes
  • Medium-Light roast profile
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Organic Honduras

  • Organic and Fair Trade certified
  • Western Honduras single origin coffee
  • Cocoa, citrus and dried apricot notes
  • Light roast profile
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Snapshot Espresso

  • Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance certified
  • Tastes of stone fruit and dark chocolate
  • Great as an espresso shot or with milk
  • Medium-Light roast profile
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